Saturday, January 22, 2011

What I've Noticed Thus Far About Fiction

Or maybe it's just what I've noticed about one particular writer, S. J. Barellstalk.  I cannot find any author information on this person, so I do not know if they are male or female.  Not necessarily that it matters, but I'm curious.

I'm not overly fond of Barellstalk's style.  The characters are quite flat, one-dimensional, and much of the plots read as though they are written by horny teenage boys.  Now, granted, I have only read 2 samples of this person's work, but from the samples I've read thus far, I'm not interested in reading any more.

I'm more impressed with the work of Ms. Ariane Arborene.  She has an authentic style that I find very readable, and her author page is easy to navigate.  I believe I'll soon be purchasing her work in its entirety next paycheck.

I also need to re-read Sacher-Masoch.  I have read Venus in Furs a couple of times, most recently last summer, but always find this one is refreshing to return to.  I'm also quite fond of the works of Colette, but prefer to read as much of her in the original French that I am able.  My French is lousy, but I read it better than I speak it.

Please feel free to forward titles to me via my e-mail address.

Thanks for reading!

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