Thursday, January 13, 2011

In Regard to Gifts

This post is partially in response to something I read recently in regard to gifts.

I believe the subject of gifts is brought up in Chapter 4 of Elise Sutton's Female Dominance.

In my opinion, the greatest gift a submissive male could possibly give his Dominant Female counterpart is the gift of his servitude.  This is something that cannot be purchased, traded for, or found in any retail or online shop or catalog.

I used to receive material gifts from various suitors when I was in college.  Often, I received these "gifts" out of nowhere, as a complete surprise.  But then I later discovered why.  Often, the suitor in question was thinking of seeing someone else.  In several instances, he was seeing someone else, but didn't want me to find out about it.  Roses, lingerie, pretty clothes. . . all to try to "prove" to me that he wasn't out doing what I knew he had been doing.  It was used to try to buy my affections.  It had nothing to do with me and everything to do with him.

The only gift I ever want to receive--from here on out--is affection, respect, and service.  

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