Sunday, January 2, 2011

What I Just Finished Reading. . .

Oh dear. . . the Domme-brarian may need to break this up into a couple of posts, simply to explain why she feels a bit shaken and disturbed right now in regard to the state of some recent literature she just read.

I just finished Stephen King's Full Dark, No Stars after reading a review on the World's Strongest Librarian blog back in November.  I believe it was November, but it may have been early on in December.  Much like Josh, I feel that King's best work is the shorter stuff.  It isn't nearly as cumbersome or detail-laden, and I find that much more readable.

But the last story in the collection, "A Good Marriage," bothers me.  It bothers me because it deals a good bit with the story of the BTK Strangler, as well as the impact the crime had on his wife.  In the Afterword, King brings up the subject of Paula Rader, and how people were unusually cruel and obnoxious to her as far as her knowledge (or lack thereof) in her husband's activities.  I may have to save this for a later post--tomorrow's post--as I have been away from my cat for nearly a week, and Punkin misses his mama.  Or, at least, his mama's lap.  I have an Opinion on those who were rude and obnoxious to the former Mrs. Rader, and when my hands are less cold and cramped, you'll get the full post tomorrow.

Hate to tease you like this. . . wait, no I don't! ;)

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