Thursday, January 13, 2011

3 Books in One Go

I currently have 3 non-fiction D/s / femdom books going on just now, as well as a couple of works of fiction that I'm rather enjoying.  I am mid-way through the third chapter of Elise Sutton's Female Domination.  She brings up some interesting points and several interesting Bibilcal quotations, but I have a slight disagreement with her in regard to Adam and Eve.  She seems to have neglected one of the most important reasons for Eve's existence at all:  Eve existed as Adam's helpmate, yes, this is true.  But God made Eve from Adam's rib so that Adam may subjugate her.  Adam's first wife, Lilith, left him.  God created both Adam and Lilith from the same cosmic mud, dirt and dust.  When Adam tried to get Lilith to play "bottom," she refused, stating that she was equal to him, made by the same Creator's hand and of the same material, therefore she was Adam's equal, not to be subjugated.  Because of this, Lilith is often vilified as a demon, and even the character of Lilith on the old tv show Cheers was a damn difficult woman, always demanding, always bossy, and hard for most people in general to accept, let alone like.  

So let's open up some discussion here.  I see Lilith as an early feminist who has been vilified by men, the patriarchy, and Christian and Jewish culture in general.  Demoness or early goddess who was later demonized by the emerging Christians?  What say you, readers?  

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  1. After a quick review of wikipedia, it seems to me that poor Lilith has been given a bad rap. The story of failing to be subservient to men was concocted by a rabbi in the 13th century. Today she would be celebrated for taking such a stand.

    So, I'm inclined to celebrate her courage and give her a quick promotion from demon to goddess.