Sunday, January 9, 2011

In Defense of Paula Rader

One more post on "A Good Marriage," and then I'll drop it, I promise.

People were extremely obnoxious to Paula Rader after her husband was arrested and she was granted an immediate divorce.

Please let this be known:  her husband, apparently, did not do what I refer to as "glass-heading."  He did not brag, he did not talk about it, he hid any evidence he feared tracking home, and he basically kept his mouth shut, thus keeping his secret entirely safe from his wife and their children.

Why, Society, do you always assume that we all glass-head?  Why, Society, do you glorify the killer while painting hideous pictures of the killer's victims?  Why do you give all this media attention and time to getting to know what makes these sickos tick, while in turn influencing more people to go out and copy-cat so they can get famous too?

One Last Word--she didn't know.  And when she found out, she was sickened and felt deeply emotionally disturbed by the knowledge a judge handed to her.  My sympathies fall with the former Mrs. Rader and her children.  I hope they are getting on with their lives and are putting a painful, hideous, secret past behind them.

Don't believe everything Hollyweird tries to sell you.  They don't care about you.  Or me.  They only care about money.

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