Saturday, January 29, 2011

Toybag Guide to Foot and Shoe Worship

Oh, what a quick and delightful read!  This is the second reading of this wonderful work for me, and now I'm jonesing for a pedicure and shoe-shopping.

Midori takes the reader on a delightful trip through the land of foot fetishism, highlighting features for dominants, submissives, and explaining how many scenarios can take you to new heights, whether you're wearing heels or not.

I am a self-confessed foot fetishist, with quite a collection of high heels, ballet flats, and plain old workout sneakers.  My fetish started early, and I visited it often.  My earliest memory of foot love probably started when I was about 2 or 3, and my neighbor's granddaughter had a pair of plastic "play" high heels that I coveted.  I went to visit her often, and always wanted to play in them.  My grandmother (God rest her) gave me a pair of her old high heels--light, slightly faded turquoise fake-leather stilettos with an almond toe and a piece of silver filigree at the end, which my mother swears are the reason for my current bunions and pronated bones on each foot, just below my big toes.  I think what actually caused a majority of it was ballet class, when I wore my beloved toe shoes.  Later, as a teenager, I purchased a pair of 4-inch black heels for a school dance, and literally wore them out by the time I started college.

I have never had a professional pedicure, but I feel that may be changing soon.  I need to have this done, and I would also like to have a paraffin dip done.  I have also downloaded a short story about foot worship.  THAT one will be reviewed next!


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