Saturday, January 29, 2011

Another Delightful Story About Feet

Oooooo, I just finished the Kindle edition of Leonna Black's Foot Fetish: A Story of Foot Worship.  Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!  From the description of Amanda's "Greek feet" to the delightfully sensual descriptions of their love-making, Jason and Amanda delight in each other's sexual satisfaction and company as they make love under the pier after a beach volleyball game.  Well-written with wonderful descriptions.  Amanda is one of those beautiful girls I try so hard to be--firm, athletic, confident, and able to get exactly what she wants from a beautiful boyo named Jason  ;)  who reminds me of someone. . . two someones, actually, one former, one current. . . I've always liked the name Jason. . .

A delightfully quick read with fast-paced action, wonderful description, and a final scene that will make you smile, as well as possibly reach for a cigarette or perhaps just want a cuddle afterward.  I highly recommend Foot Fetish: A Story of Foot Worship by Leonna Black.  Curious?  Care for a sample? Willing to go for broke and spend the whopping $0.99?  Here's the link:

Enjoy, Dear Readers!

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