Monday, November 21, 2011

Me Being Me

I got a delightful comment in regard to me kvetching in regard to my hair, and this of course made me think of a lot of things--Megadeth's Sweating Bullets, Betty Wright's Real Woman (hey!  What's this I hear about a MOVIE?  A MOVIE?  About BETTY WRIGHT?  Oooooooooo, shoot, I'd much rather watch that than all this chick-flick bullshit and those stupid Twilight flicks!), Toni Braxton's He Wasn't Man Enough for Me, and a little side project that I've had going on in my head, that I really need to commit to paper SOON before I forget about it.  Damn!  Ever wish there were 48 hours to each day, like Chaka Khan suggested in Tell Me Something Good?  I know I do!

OK, OK, so here's the gist of this post.  After my little kvetch session, I got a delightful comment from someone going by Friz.  So, hello Friz, and thanks for reading and your delightful comment!  I think I need to change up the hair.  The bob--has been delightful fun, and it really has added an air of authority to an already-authoritative demeanor.  However--the trims are maddening, this shit's gettin' thick and knotted, and I need to wear something that doesn't get caught in my glasses.  IF I get this done anytime soon, I'll post pictures.

This also made me think--a lot of women hold onto the hair--the length, the color, the wave, the bounce, and all that delightful bullshit.  But this is what gets me--a lot of these women, in my opinion, would look a helluva lot better--if they would just cut it off.  Or at least cut it back, or wear it up, so you can see what a beautiful face she has.  A lot of people say it's down to confidence.  In my opinion, if you are a woman who works her own job, makes her own money, and digs her own vibe, why wouldn't you want the world to see you in all your fabulous glory?  Does a woman's hair make her more feminine?  Maybe, if that's her personal style and her personal vibe.  What makes me feel more feminine and confident?  My mind.  The way I walk into a room and everyone turns to look.  The way I can answer a question and quietly command attention, without even speaking.  But I'd rather look someone in the eye straight on, rather than through my damn bangs.

Enjoy the musical interlude, Readers, while I make a decision.  I'll post pictures.

Hello, me, meet the REAL me!

So many reasons. . . . 

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