Sunday, November 6, 2011


I got an interesting e-mail from a friend of mine in the UK.  It described how a friend of hers, who has been training and working on becoming a Domme, attempted to string up her submissive.  She decided to put some sort of hook device into her ceiling.  When she installed it, she failed to test it for weight.  When she strung up her submissive, half the ceiling came down.  No one was hurt, other than their pride.

Readers, please actually read.  You can disagree with me all you like.  You can post hateful comments all you want.  You can tell me constantly that I'm fulla shit and so not the real deal and say whatever you want about me.  But seriously, Readers--no one is born into this lifestyle.  Get it?  NO ONE.  Lots of so-called experts haven't done much research, and lots of people new to this stuff are just going into it blind, thinking that they can do and say whatever they want to a submissive, or claiming to be submissive and then trying to order various Dominants around.  First of all, that's just plain rude, so climb the hell down.  Secondly, read.  Please, for the love of whatever's out there, READ.  Whether it's Elise Sutton, Jay Wiseman, Dossie Easton and Janet Hardy, or a myriad other authors who live, breathe, eat, sleep and play D/s and BDSM, educate yourselves. That's why this blog exists.  If I'm not helping you, then please stop reading.

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