Sunday, November 13, 2011

An Observation

Yes, dear Readers, I am still reading At Her Feet, but I also downloaded a copy of Uniquely Rika last night, and began reading the Introduction today.  One thing I've noticed in nearly everything I've read, non-fiction-wise, that isn't complete and utter crap--a lot of these books begin in the same way, describing D/s as a relationship dynamic between two (or, in Fox and TammyJo's case, more) people, and that if you are truly interested in this sort of relationship, you aren't thumbing through these works looking for half-naked photos of leather-clad women or looking to read the "interesting bits" (i. e. t3h pr0n).  This, to me, is an interesting observation.

Something else that seemed to stand out for me in At Her Feet--Eckhart mentions privacy and private space a lot in their work.  They also mention that there are a lot of times when She and Fox are just--talking.  talking and spending time together, and when they first met, they took things slowly and they talked to each other.  They communicated.  They didn't jump into a scene, she didn't call him a useless worm, he didn't fall to his knees and lick her feet.  They talked.

So--how many of you are actually talking to your potential others, whether they may be Dominants or submissive?  Or are you just trying to play out some sick porno fantasy?  If you are one of t3h pr0n pipple, then I feel sorry for you.  If, however, like me, you are curious and want to learn more, then by all means, continue reading.  I need your feedback and I appreciate the readership!

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