Saturday, November 12, 2011

Half-way Through

Readers, I am halfway through At Her Feet.  So far, this is what I can tell you.

I wish someone somewhere had introduced me to this book back in high school or college.  I would have felt so much better about myself, and been so less inclined to try and make myself be something I'm not.

Service dominant--is there such a thing?  If so, what constitutes a service dominant, as opposed to a very outgoing submissive?

This is such a good read!  To the submissive men out there who are looking for a way to introduce their Significant Others (wives, girlfriends, good female friend who you think has potential as a Domme), you really, really need to give this one a look-see.  Ladies, if you've always been curious, but never knew where to start, much like myself, I strongly encourage you to read this title, along with The Mistress Manual and maybe even Uniquely Rika.  I hope that soon Uniquely Rika will come out in a format compatible with Kindle.  This iBooks stuff ain't workin' for me.  God Bless Steve Jobs, and may he rest in peace, but dear Goddess--$500 for a device?  REALLY!?!?!?

Tammy Jo Eckhart, if you're reading this, Sister, do I adore your work!  We need to do lunch sometime!

I'll post a review as soon as I'm finished, Readers!

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