Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Upcoming Reviews

I know, I know. . . . I KNOW!  I know I use this title a lot on my posts, but this time I really am going to finish the whole book and post the reviews.  The two latest titles?  Friendly Fetish by Dr. Emily Dubberley (based on the opening chapters, I wish someone had introduced this book to me early on in my readings) and At Her Feet, by Fox and Tammy Eckhardt.

I'll warn you right now, hard-liners--you're not gonna like my take on Friendly Fetish.  I see it, so far, as Fetish 101, much like Jay Wiseman's SM 101, which I'm still reading.  And it's not that Wiseman's prose is unreadable.  No, far from it.  But I do take notes, I do highlight and underline things, and I do read and re-read things so that I make sure I'm understanding them properly.  Yes, I know, I'm such a pain in your ass--but you knew that when you started following, so don't bitch or you'll just get the ball-gag again.

At Her Feet has been camped out on my Kindle for a while now.  I only just now got to it, and am now wondering why I waited so long.  I'm also re-reading The Mistress Manual, because I can't remember if I gave it a proper review here.

I'll keep you posted Readers!

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  1. Dear Heather,

    i am looking forward to reading Your reviews and also getting these books to read myself!