Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Slightly Different Direction on This Blog

Oh, heavens, the stuff I see in videos.  Ok, ok, let me back up a sec.

I was checking my mail on Yahoo--apparently, none of my friends actually like me--no shock there, and no mail, either.

While there, I saw a video that, had I finished watching it, would have had me bawling like a baby and I'd have to call off work for the rest of my life.  The video was about a group called ARME that does animal rescue, and they have a special project, Project Beagle, in which they just rescued about 10 beagles from a science research facility in. . . Spain, was it?  Anyway--the video showed them getting the dogs into a van, in which they were secured so they could go--to a local park and run around a little.  These dogs had been in cages their entire lives.  As in--born in a cage, taken from their caged mother, put in another cage, used for experiments.  They had never been outside. . . . ever.  My heavens, I'm getting weepy just writing this.  OK.  So. . . . it was touching and sad and I wanted to unleash a victory howl to beagles everywhere.

So this got me curious about the Anti-Vivisection League, which I believe I'll be donating to and joining.  AAVS eventually got me over to Beaute Mineral cosmetics, which I'll try after Christmas.  That, in turn, led me to Girls, Inc.  While perusing their site, I have found that there is no Girls, Inc., in my area.  I'm female.  My mom, my nieces, my aunts, and a majority of my friends are. . . . female.  I think we need a Girls, Inc. in my area.  I think it'll be a little different around here.

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