Saturday, December 17, 2011

Readers, Your Opinions, Please

OK, ok, I got curious about Elise Sutton.  I downloaded her Female Domination last year around this time, and couldn't quite muster through it.  Typographical errors are quite a distraction.  So, dear readers, I'm curious. Opinions?  Good?  Bad?  Ugly?  Anyone read In Search of Wanda yet?  Suggestions?  Please advise at y'all's earliest convenience.  I'll even put the e-mail link back up.  BUT--on one condition--NO STALKERS.  You wanna stalk something?  Go find some celery.  I have books to review.  Thanks!

1 comment:

  1. Elise Sutton is clearly a Female Supremacist who has very specific beliefs in a male's place in society. It is refreshing to me that a Dominant Female finds her literature "filled with hatred" presumably toward males. My experience is that the longer a male submissive experiences lifestyle service to a Dominant Female the more he begins to relate with and function in accordance to Sutton's basic philosphies however. I suspect this is because of the insatiable appetites generated by such behaviors in both the submissive and the Domme.