Saturday, January 14, 2012

It's Been a Long Time. . . .

As soon as I thought of blogging this AM, the first words that popped into my head were these:

Yes, Romeo Must Die IS an awesome flick, and you might want to see it sometime.

I finally finished TammyJo Eckhart and Fox's At Her Feet.  Oh. . . My. . . Goddess. . .

What a wonderful read!  Chock-full-a good information for the novice, and I think it's GREAT that Tammy Jo has a Doctoral degree and has studied all the various forms of slavery--both historical and within the BDSM community--in-depth.  I was struggling with the offer of slavery, and my potential slave was worried about this too.  I'll write him later to ease his fears.  He has been afraid and I have caused him a great deal of sorrow and depression over this.  jay, I'm publicly apologizing.  Right here, right now.  I AM SORRY.

I have also been considering some other things, things which don't necessarily have to do with the Lifestyle, but which may later have some bearing upon it.

I've always been interested in physical fitness, and I take great pains to keep myself in shape.  So. . . . I'm considering becoming a Russian Kettlebell Certified instructor.  This means lots of readings by Pavel Tsatsouline, Russian Kettlebell master Extraordinaire, and lots and LOTS of hanging leg raises.  Swings and snatches, too!  I'll keep you posted!

It's been a long time. . . . shouldn'a' left you. . . . wid'out a dope beat t'step to. . . .

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