Saturday, January 14, 2012

Funk--the REAL Music of Peace?

This is just a thought with a couple of personal observations thrown in.

Ever notice how no one ever gets upset when funk music is playing?  Well, ok, the average person doesn't.  Conservative right-wingers do, but they don't count, because they're not really people.

George Clinton of Parliament Funkadelic was a hippie, and other hippies hung out with him, and George didn't care what color or religion or creed or gender or whatever you were, so long as you were a good musician who dug his groove and who didn't hassle him.

I have never been angry when funk was playing.  In fact, to me, funk is like dope, only without the munchies and the illegal shit waiting to happen.  So how 'bout it, dear Readers?  What do you think is the ultimate music for peace?

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