Saturday, January 14, 2012

File Under WTF?

I am a knitter.  I am a proud knitter who is a member of Ravelry, and one of the Rav boards I read quite frequently is one called Lazy, Stupid & Godless (we're none of these, btw--can you say IRONY, INDEED dear Readers?  ::pats you on the head::  I knew you could!).

I just have to get this off my chest, and I will not be using internet acronyms for a great deal of this post.  If you have trouble understanding big words as they are written by adults, then mayhaps you ought not read the rest of this post.  In fact, if you have trouble with big words, you shouldn't be reading this blog you fucking moron.

So. . . here's what a dear and intelligent and open-minded reader posted over on our delightful board:

Did you make it all the way through?  Good for you!  I did, too, and here's why.  First, let me just say it took me a few times to catch the gist of the whole thing, because the first time through, when I saw Michelle Bachman-Turner Overbite, followed by Prick Perry, I zoned out.  I always do this when conservatives open their stupid fucking mouths.  Where are the ball gags for these people?  I mean really!  Then I had to rush to the bathroom when (M)Anne Coulter got on there.  Ever notice how her Adam's Apple bobs up and down when (s)he speaks?  Oh, (M)Anney, I think there's something you're not telling the rest of the world!

Here's what I have trouble getting my head around:  for a bunch of people who think sex is wrong, that sex education should be kept out of schools, and that liberals like me ought to be strung up publicly by her twat, they sure do seem focused on sex!  Oh, don't get me wrong, they're also focused on sending minorities "back from whence they came" even if they were born in this country and they see their own offspring as pets rather than people, but I'm digressing and getting off-topic.  They also seem focused on a threat that's. . . not  a threat.

Someone also posted a 0:45-second response, which was so garbled I couldn't understand it, except that she kept repeating, "It's her life, it's her body."  The rest of it sounded like mousefarts coming out of her mouth.

What's even more frightening--many many people in this country take this shit seriously.  They actually see homosexuality as a disease.  They actually think they're going to get into some sort of Heaven (wherever that is) and that their God (whoever he is) is going to save their sorry asses, and that they are right.  Even though they are being terribly unChristian, hideously God-like in their judgment, and are spreading a message of poisonous hate that would make Jesus blush and later say, "I don't know those people.  They are NOT associated with me."  Wait--didn't the US go after terrorists in the Middle East?  Weren't they spreading hatred too?  Where's the fucking legislation that stops this shit, people?  Tim McVey was a home-grown terrorist.  Where are the laws that stop people who torture and kill homosexuals for just living their lives?  Why is it that this shit still isn't really considered a hate crime and conservative right-wingers aren't considered the most dangerous terrorists of fucking all?

If they're doing this shit to vanilla gays, bis, transgendered, lesbians, and others, imagine what a field day they'd have with us. . .

I look forward to any nasty, hideous, I-totally-agree-with-these people responses.  Please look forward to my responses as well, and if it turns into harassment, I'll see your ass in court.


  1. I don't know wether I should do the we're not worthy bow for you while on my knees, or give you a standing ovation. I know while contemplating, I've done the dance of joy. Please may I have permission to use some of this to form an auto response to all the e-mails I recieve from "the good people". Thank you for making my day! Great great post!

  2. Perry makes me ashamed of Texas. Ugh sickening.