Monday, July 25, 2011

A Wee Bit Homesick

Please enjoy the following musical arrangements.  I've been listening to folk music a lot lately, and am now quite homesick.  I'll be back later in the summer, after I calm down.

This one always makes me cry.  

I was raised on bluegrass and rock n' roll

May the river run wide run deep run muddy oh the river run long after I am gone. . .  . I miss him!


One of my fondest childhood memories involved sitting in my parents' kitchen, with many other friends of my parents, all musicians, all married, and all of us singing bluegrass and staying up late, and all us kids used to go out and catch lightning bugs and play tag and run around barefoot.  No matter how hard I rock, no matter how loud I get, bluegrass and folk are what I listen to all summer long.  Thanks for listening.

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