Sunday, July 17, 2011

OK, OK, I Just Couldn't Wait. . . .

Patience is not my forte!  I joined FetLife and even joined a couple of groups.  I'd still like to read anyone's reviews, however.  Just curious.  Thanks again!

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  1. I find it...
    some of the conversations are interesting, I think the more active you are the more rewarding it is and I am not terribly active.
    I need to see if there is a better way to search archived topics. I joined fetlife because there was a series of conversations I was really interested in following.
    My overall experience has been good, but I'm a marginal participant so I get marginal payoff.
    Your mileage may vary.
    I'm there on the same ID,and I would totally be your friend.
    BTW, I'm not out, but...
    since you are so loud and proud about it I will admit it here to you, shhhhh
    I do some knitting too