Monday, July 4, 2011


It's not just a book review. . . it's a lifestyle!  After reading this, I picked up my needles again.  I haven't knit in about two years, partly due to stress of a divorce, and partly due to graduate school.  So here's what this book has to do with D/s and BDSM. . . .

Jennifer Stafford, the original Domiknitrix, forces her yarn to do her bidding--whether it's by sheer determination, making up her own pattern, or making the yarn bend to her will.  Despite what some other reviewers (mostly at Amazon) have stated, this really is a good guide for beginning knitters.  Does she actually show you how to make a slip knot?  No.  Should you probably already know how to do this if you really want to learn to knit or crochet?  YES.  She also explains the intricacies of intarsia (she almost makes it sound. . . fun), the genius of an I-cord (the I = IDIOT, btw) and even allows you into her beautifully sadistic knitting world via her web site.  Does it have a whole lot to do with Our Lifestyle?  Not necessarily.  Fun if you love crafts and knitting especially?  Absolutely!  Suggestion:  much like Elizabeth Zimmerman and Annie Modesitt, Stafford is also an OK (opinionated knitter).  She encourages the use of Continental Style Knitting. I also advocate the use of Continental Style Knitting.  I also advocate that you at least give this a look-see, if nothing else simply for fun.  You don't have to buy it.  Your local library will do.

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