Sunday, July 17, 2011


I'm curious. . . .and yes, this will be a short post, because I'm tired.  Lace knitting isn't as difficult as I thought it would be, but because I'm still somewhat new to it (heh--Life theme, anyone?) I still pay scrupulous attention to my stitch-count and what my hands are doing, as well as stopping every five or so rows to make sure I'm getting the length right.  But I was trying to research the background of a blog post a friend sent me, and ran across something called FetLife.  I'm curious about this, but won't be able to sign up just yet due to time constraints and some work stuff I need.  More on that later, though.  If someone (or quite a few someones) can give me rave reviews--good, bad, ugly, but mostly honest--then I'll look into it.  Look, dear Readers, I'm not new to social networking.  However--if this thing turns out to be just as hideous and heinous as or has way more smarm and "I'm-ever-so-much-better-than-you-because-I'm-from-London" horseshit I've read at informedconsent, I simply won't bother.  But I thank you dear Readers.  I thank you.

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  1. Thanks, Stabbity, for your help with this. Don't know why your comment didn't turn up on here though. As you can see, I got all excited and joined up. And yes, so far, I like what I've discovered.