Saturday, June 25, 2011

Upcoming Reviews

Late last night, in a fit of pique, I began downloading samples of classic Victorian erotica, as well as some classic D/s and BDSM titles.  Jay Wiseman's SM 101 is one that kept me up late, simply reading the sample.  When I get paid again next week, this is one I'll be purchasing to read in its entirety.  This one is in InformedConsent's Top 100 Titles, and based on the sample I downloaded, I can see why.

Another one I'll be reviewing soon is Letters from a Dominatrix, in which a pro Domme writes open letters to potential submissives in regard to how to be a better sub, and how to find the Domme of his/her dreams.

I'll keep you posted, dear Readers.  Thanks for your patience!

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