Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Another Review

Well, I can tell you what I may NOT be reviewing, as opposed to what I've recently discovered.  The Mistress Thalia--is speaking directly to submissive men, but I doubt I'll be purchasing it.  She tends to have the same attitude that subs aren't necessary that was expressed with much dismay over at the submissivemale blog.  Why should I pay for someone to yell at me?  If I want yelled at, I'll go visit one of my old bosses.  But why would I do that?

Now--there's another one I will be reviewing, written by a British Dominant woman who I can DEFINITELY relate to.  I'll also be purchasing the full copy of Mistress Celia's Find Your Domme.  I'm also interested to know. . . . would you all still read if I wrote book reviews that didn't feature D/s or BDSM as the underlying theme?  How do you feel about--horror?  Please advise at y'all's earliest convenience.  Just click my e-mail from my profile here on blogger, and I'll respond as soon as I can.

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