Thursday, June 30, 2011

Book Review: Find Your Domme

This is a good, quick read.  This also contains a good amount of information not just for submissives, but for new Dominants as well.

Written primarily from a Domme's (and therefore a woman's) point of view, Mistress Celia gently and professionally advises potential submissives to ask questions of themselves, make lists of what they are (or are not) willing to do for their potential Domme, list their kinks and limits, and she even explains how to write a good ad that will get them noticed by Dommes.  She gives examples of the good, the bad, the ugly and the creepy, and does so in a calm, polite manner.  She also suggests a site that, until today, I had never heard of :  I intend to look at this one later this week, after I've had a chance to familiarize myself with it.  This book comes highly recommended.  I think all submissives should read it, complete the exercises, and really think about what it is they are looking for in a potential Domme.

I do this, dear Readers, from kindness and consideration.  Everyone deserves someone, whether it's just for play or for something deeper and more meaningful.  Life's too short as it is.

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