Friday, October 7, 2011

Just In Time for Halloween. . .

In honor of my favorite holiday, and in honor of filthy pagans and beatniks and oddballs everywhere, I will be bringing you some short story reviews from a delightful anthology, Here Be Monsters.

I just finished India Drummond's The Reaver, a science fiction piece in which human souls are captured for the pleasure of demons and encased in orbs.  Why have I chosen this one?  Because the soul of a human princess is seen as filthy, brown, muddy and plain, while the soul of a woman-warrior is many-faceted, like the jewels We are.  Krel is a creator of such orbs, and is so obsessed with his work that he doesn't even notice when his only daughter, Ruygret, is killed later by human upstarts.

I am also mid-way through Anabel Portillo's Lux, and have already found my favorite quote:  ". . . a good little monster, doing her chores."  I'll review this one after I've finished it.  Lux is perhaps one of my favorite new fictional characters I've been introduced to, and I certainly don't mind stating that, aside from her honey-blonde hair and blue eyes, I like her because she reminds me so very much of me--small, slight, freakishly strong with a sky-high metabolism and a fast heart, and a monster-hunter.

Yeah, I'm crushin' hard, too. . . . I'll write more on this as soon as I finish it, I swear!

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