Tuesday, September 27, 2011

More For My Sisters

I have a tattoo.  It's a small tattoo, in a rather private place, and I got it when I was still in college.  A lot of my sorority sisters were getting these little roses on their ankles and little stars on their necks and things.  What did I want?  I wanted something off a Tarot card.  I wanted something that was 100% pure ME.  It's small, but it's mighty, and it's all mine.  If I could take a song and tattoo it all over my body, if I could wrap myself in music, if I could have my own little theme for when I walk into a room, the video below would be IT.  Not visually exciting, but listen to the lyrics.  I grew up to this song.  I've known it by heart since I was about 8.  Enjoy!

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