Sunday, September 4, 2011

Bruised-Up Barbies and D/s

Apparently, I've missed something from Hollyweird--which means I've actually missed nothing at all, as it's always the same shit but with a different shade of pink around the lens.  Apparently, one of the girls from Glee did a photo shoot in which she sports a black eye.  I linked over to his blog and looked at the rest of the pictures, as well as the video.  The video's a bit of a snore.  Lots of folks in the comments are all pissed off about the glamorization of violence against women, but many of the m are pissed off about the glamorization of violence in general.  What they seem to lack empathy for--the fact that Hollyweird and teh pr0n industry has been doing this shit for ages, and this is what people see as true D/s and/or BDSM.

Here's my take on it.  Folks, it's just an image on celluloid.  Or whatever the fuck film is made out of.  It's another dull-as-dishwater blonde who is younger than most of my socks and fave t-shirts.  The photos look to be done by someone just as young and clueless.  I don't see any cops coming round to haul Tyler Sheilds's "arty" self off to jail.  But then, cops can't get involved in domestic affairs, I don't reckon.

Y'all realize this shit is staged, yes?  Do I think it glorifies abuse?  Yes, it probably does.  Wrong?  You better believe it.  Pathetic?  Yup.  This is freedom of speech at it's best?  Wow.  No wonder I don't dig art.  But then, hell, according to the "arts community" (and artists at-large) I'm too fucking thick to get this stuff anyway.

This ain't D/s.  Or BDSM.  Or anything close to it.  It's just pictures of abuse, and this moron's too thick to get it.  So much for my good day.

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