Sunday, September 4, 2011

A New Book Review

Right now, I only have the sample.  It's a book about Master/slave relations.  I'll keep you posted as soon as I snap it's virtual spine, ha-ha-ha.  It's cooling down here.  I'm glad.  I hate hot weather anymore.  I am also quite tired of summer. I'm quite tired of lots of things, pushy "submissives" being one of them.  if you are the pushy submissive who keeps messaging me (but who is NOT my friend at FL) then please fuck off.  Just fuck off, dude.  If you'd read my profile, you'd know I'm involved with someone.  Don't like it?  Toughski Schitzki.  Wilkommen am der Polisch Army.  I'd get verbally abusive, but you'd probably dig that.

Oh yeah--the book review.  I swear, I'll read more than the sample if it's worthy.


  1. The world must suffer. There's only room for one and the place is already taken, in the dommebrarian's heart and under her heel.

  2. Thank you, Raposo. . . . they're lovely!

  3. They are groovy. I'm glad you enjoyed.