Monday, October 10, 2011

Well FCUK ME!!!!!!!!!!!

Holy shit!  Look what else I found!

SUCH a good day online, but I can't hit any of this at work when I get bored or need a wee diversion from everyone else's bullshit.

For those who don't think feminism and race relations and economics has anything to do with REAL D/s and BDSM, I'M CALLING YOU OUT!  YA HEAR ME DAMN IT?!?!?  I'M CALLING YOU OUT!

You feel like a fight?  Fine.  Wanna start some shit?  Fine.  Just remember. . .  for every bullshit conspiracy you try and throw at me, I'll find an academic reference with perfect spelling that will shoot holes in your shoddy theories every. . . fucking. . . time.

Ya wanna rock n' roll?  Let's go. . .

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