Sunday, August 25, 2013

Superman? Iron Man? How 'bout Wonder Woman, Supergirl, or Lady Death?

Oh, so people are all pissed off that Ben Affleck will be playing Superman.  Big deal!  What I want to know is--why hasn't Hollyweird gotten their shit together and made a Wonder Woman movie yet?  Or updated Supergirl?  Or gone totally off the rails and rallied round Dark Horse Comics' gorgeously Goth Lady Death?

These are my super heroes, as far as comic book characters go.  I loved Wonder Woman so much as a child that I wanted to be her when I grew up.  I didn't know being a super hero wasn't an actual job.  But hell, I was six, what did I know?

What say you, dear Readers?

Quick edit:  well, damn!  Ask and ye shall receive, maybe?


  1. We don't need Wonder Woman when we have you :)

  2. I think as recently as last year there was a Wonder Woman remake in the works. They even had an actress signed to play her. Then they released the promo photos of her in the new outfit with pants instead of shorts. People went way more ballistic then over Ben as Batman, eventually attacking the choice of actress and even the storyline so once again it was put back on the shelf.

    I don't know why but Marvel seems to have cornered the market on good movies from comics, with better, actors, scripts, and most likely budgets too. Wonder Woman and Supergirl are DC. They were trying to follow Marvels lead in doing movies for individual heros then coming together at the end for a group movie (ie:The Avengers) but Christian Bale bailing on any more movies as batman will make them redo Batman once again before they get around to WW and the rest of the Justice League. You'll have to settle for Scarlett having her own as The Black Widow to hold you over until then...