Monday, August 19, 2013

Book Review--The Busy Woman's Guide to Getting Fit, Fierce and Fabulous by Daniel Wallen

Those of you who have been reading the blog for a bit know that I am a somewhat voracious reader, and that not all of my reading relates to Dominance/submission and kink.  Sometimes I just like to read something light but good.  In this work, “light” definitely fits the bill.  “Good”—not so much.

Daniel Wallen is a certified personal trainer.  On his web site, you will see a picture of his smiling, non-threatening, irritatingly approachable mug.  I’m sure Wallen is a helluva nice guy, which is probably my personal problem with him.  In the Busy Woman's Guide to Getting Fit, Fierce and Fabulous, Wallen wants you to get your fierce on.  He wants you to get your fab on.  He wants you to be the best you possible.  This is great—if you’re a high school girl. 

Maybe it’s because I’m used to sites such as, or maybe it’s because I’m 42, or maybe it’s because, through my dance background, I had to overcome all sorts of strange body and weight insecurities I suffered as a teen, but there’s something in Wallen’s tone that doesn’t sit well with me. 

I’ve only been able to get through about half of Wallen’s book, which I managed to snag (thankfully) for free.  I’m glad that it’s free, too.  No way in hell am I parting with my hard-earned dosh for this drivel.
Bottom line—don’t bother, ladies.  You’re smarter than Wallen, and I know you’re smarter than this book.  No, Wallen, I don’t feel like shopping or getting my “learn” on (I believe this is what adults refer to as “education”).  I will not be talked down to, nor will I lift (or work out in) anything that’s pink.  I am not a doll, nor do I aspire to be one.  I’m already fierce, thank you very much, and kettlebells are my friends.  I think I’ll be hitting up, and re-reading Neghar Fonooni’s excellent article, Train Like a Man—Especially If You’re a Woman. 

Hey, Wallen—stop talking down to us like you’re a seventh-grade boy crushing on his best friend’s older sister.  I don’t think I’m the kind of fierce you can handle. 

If you’ll excuse me, there’s this deadlift I need to work on.  

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