Sunday, May 8, 2011

Really Down with D/s? PROVE IT

Gentle Reader,

The Domme.brarian got completely good and pissed off earlier today.  She's not apologizing because she knows she's right, and she'll be the first to admit when she's wrong.  But The Domme.brarian's boy jay has brought up some very good points today, and she concurs wholeheartedly.  She also is sending out a challenge.  The challenge is more directed toward submissive men than women, but if the women would like to participate, they certainly may.

When The Domme.brarian was in college, she started out as a psych major.  One of the courses required of all psych majors was to work an 800 hotline, mostly for suicide prevention and deep states of depression.  I saved a few people, I helped even more, and I heard lots of testimony from. . . rape victims and other assault victims.  The stories were heart-breaking.  One of those victims was a sorority sister.  As someone who had also felt the cruelty of sexual assault, I could definitely relate.

All right, submissive men, here's my challenge to you:  I am requesting that you commit to some volunteer work during the month of May, either for battered women or for rape victims.  If you truly wish to serve--if you truly want to prove your worthiness to women--if you care about females at all--please donate your time and your ears and your hearts to helping heal a victim of sexual, physical, mental, or emotional assault.  Don't throw money at it, don't turn your head and act like it's not there, don't be a silly little boy and think that if you ignore it, it will go away, don't provide lip service on your fucking blogs and twitter feeds and cute n' adorable little chat rooms.  You'll serve your time and help us.  Otherwise, maybe you really don't have anything to say to me.


  1. Forget it. They don't have the stomach for getting involved with this, nor to confront misery. The ones who do, don't need to be called to tasks like this. They're doing it already!

  2. Lilith bless you Sister Ayesha! Just wanted to see if they were up to the challenge. jay already does this. I'm sure yours do, too. The TRUE submissives are THE BEST submissives! Thanks for reading!