Sunday, August 14, 2011

My Inner Warrior

August has been a crap month.  I'm having trouble relaxing, as well as concentrating.  I've gotten into several loud and rather nasty arguments, none of which I started, but all of which I finished, mostly with an icy glare and a growled acknowledgment of the offending party's stupidity.  But this has gotten me to thinking--why is it that some of the weakest people I work with perceive themselves as strong, while I'm trying to keep myself on the humble and they see me as weak?

So I've decided to revamp my current attitude, some of which you all may be witnessing on this weblog.  If you don't like or are offended by aforementioned revamped attitude, then feel free to stop reading or following.  I've had it with pissy bitches like you anyway.

So. . . . in light of this, I'm going to be hitting the kettlebells and weights (as opposed to my workmates) a lot harder, reading more in regard to D/s and power exchanges, and going back to saying NO a lot more often in regard to the crap people bring into work and "share" with the rest of us.  That means NO to cookies, brownies, and hideous hippy food that tastes as bland as it looks, and does nothing but make me nauseous.  That also means saying NO and walking away from stupid arguments rather than engage these people in their petty political discussions that I could give a rat's ass about.  

Maybe it's a planetary alignment (but I doubt it) but I've got a lot going on just now.  Between work and family worries, getting into heated verbal exchanges with people online and getting into heated verbal exchanges with older people who are exhibiting bratty behavior just saps my energy right now, and it's making me a little nuts.  So you all may also find links to an online workout journal that I've considered posting, as well as links to a weblog from a female bodybuilder and some former military women who work their asses off. . . and it shows.  

Please keep your weak and pathetic comments to yourselves, weaklings.  I only wish, for now, to speak and engage with other dominant Warrior Women who help keep me sane.


  1. Oh yes,
    I have a position (volunteer) in an organization that just keeps getting more complicated because someone else won't say NO.
    Making me crazy!

    I think we have reached an understanding finally but wow, I do not understand people who can't respect deadlines and the softies who are willing to hand me an emergency due to someone else's lack of planning.

  2. See, I totally agree here. To me, some softy handing me an emergency is manipulative, and I'll feed 'em their soft heads on platters for 'em. I hate when folk do that. Sooooooooooo rude. Hang in there, baby, October is just round the corner!