Monday, April 18, 2011

Retail Therapy

I'm home today, waiting for a new internet and cable and phone company hook-up after going offline and without phone service for darned near 2 weeks.  But that will start a rant, and until my medication kicks in, I don't want to go off on a tangent.  You, dear reader, have done nothing wrong, so there is no need for me to swear, shout, vent, or possibly knock your teeth loose.  Those morons at Frontier Communications, however. . .

I just bought a lovely, retro-inspired dress at a web site that caters to that sort of thing, and then that wee purchase led to a quick trip to a UK BDSM site which touts an on-going and oft-updated list of their top 100 books on BDSM and all its rather delightful varieties.

I went there because they consistently have 2 books there about the Divine, Beautiful Bettie Page.  One book they panned, the other is quite good as it is written along with Bunny Yeager, one of Page's former photographers.  This led to me clicking the US Amazon link and picking up, instead, I think, 3 books from pin-up sketch artist Olivia.

I have been a fan of pin-up art since I was in high school and first glimpsed some of the old-fashioned "girly" magazines stashed in my late grandfather's storage area in his garage. I didn't consider it pr0n and I still don't. A majority of the cheesecake available then is still available now, and I'd much rather look at an artist's rendition of a suggestively nude form than what passes for "art" in t3h pr0n industry.  I am also a HUGE fan of Gil Elvgren's work, simply because some of his images showcase these wholesome, well-scrubbed, all-american beauties not only in varying positions and filmy lingerie, but also because he sometimes showcased librarians and girls sitting in chairs reading.  Perhaps my favorite Elvgren is one in which the female subject is fully clothed in a late-40s style women's skirt-suit, wearing sensibly-heeled shoes and is walking a small Scottish terrier on a breezy autumn day.

A more recent pin-up model who I greatly admire is Ms. Bernie Dexter, delightful retro rockabilly queen who looks remarkable like the late, great Ms. Page.

I have no desire to look like any of these women, but I sure do dig their threads!

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