Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Gift of Fear

I first found this title from my friend Josh's blog over at World's Strongest Librarian.  Josh and his gorgeous wife Janette read The Gift of Fear together, making comments to one another and in the margins of their copies.  As someone who really enjoys Amazon's deep download discounts for my Kindle, I chose to download my copy.  I'm still reading it, but I'll give you my impressions that I've gathered thus far:

1.  Violence really can occur anytime at anywhere, but unless the perpetrator really is a psycho, there are some factors that lead up to violent behavior--but you can't be blind to it, like MOST HUMANS ARE.

2.  Women get attacked in the country A LOT.  Physically, verbally, and mentally, and no, it just isn't through advertising.  If you are a mother and you are reading this, PLEASE RAISE YOUR BOY TO BE A BETTER MAN.

3.  The mental health facilities in this country really SUCK.  So does society's overall social treatment of these people.

4.  When it comes to me being me on my own, I'm doing LOTS of stuff RIGHT, kettlebell and heavy weight workouts not withstanding.

I'll give you a full review later, after I've finished it.  If you'd like to read what Josh has to say about it, please click here.

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  1. Contrary to Josh, i met a lot of violence in my life. My advice? Next to being alert and aware of its existence, learn how to strike first, and...... to end it with that strike!